Monday, January 31, 2011


...and with that; the eager, beckoning call for Monster Jammers every where, we went! And oh what a time we had! Now to set the scene a little, myself and my man-date, Jordan, are not you're typical Monster Truck fans. Well, at least not since we were ten! But we found ourselves quickly sucked into the high voltage energy and we hungrily took in all Monster Jam had to offer! Ah, the sights, the sounds, the smells! All of it potentially lethal if consumed at too great a volume, in too short a time, but it is also electric with intensity and truly entertaining! At least once we smartened up and bought some ear plugs!

Being Monster Jam virgins, we had no idea as to what the evenings itinerary would entail. I mean, we had SOME idea that stuff was going to get crushed and we were going to cheer and “Boo” until our throats we hoarse with hot exhaust! But I enjoyed the variety of events which lead to an over all kick-ass night!

The first event is one on one, short-track racing in which all the competitors get two laps and two jumps to prove their worth in the shortest amount of time. This is where we discovered that after three or four starts, in the front row, your ears turn into a centre of white, hot pain! (Ear plugs people! I can't stress this enough!) Right away you could notice the distinct line between the meek and the masterful! AMSOIL SHOCK THERAPY, driven by Rick Rabb, and Tom Meents' MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION, and of course the only monster truck EVERYBODY knows; GRAVE DIGGER driven by Charlie Pauken were clear crowd favorites and already showing the guts and determination needed to dominate in this sport. When the fumes settled, MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION was declared victorious!

Event number two is the free-style competition. This is where the hotter the transmissions got; the more the crazier the Monster Jam fans frenzy would become!! And when GRAVE DIGGER THE LEGEND (I know, totally crazy; There are two kinds of GRAVE DIGGERs! I don't really get it.) came crashing down after a seriously gutsy jump and nearly destroyed the entire back-end of his '51 Ford Panel Van Monster Truck, he was crowned the winner, though his close relative GRAVE DIGGER forfeited his points to wow the crowd with yet another GRAVE DIGGER in a duet with fellow driver Tony Farrell.

And just as it seemed the Monster Truck fun was coming to a close, into my life strolled ROBOSAURUS! That's right, the 42', 30 ton fire breathing half robot, half dinosaur, enjoyed what I can only assume is a small snack for such a beast. He ripped through two cars (literally in half!) and, all the while, you could feel the heat on your face from his fiery breath! And as if this evening wasn't already chock-full with sensory overload, we were also introduced to JET QUADS! These half ATV, half jet engine beauties couldn't even get up to speed inside the Rogers Centre, but the few showy laps they did were loud enough to make you wish for some more bare-ear Monster Truck action! The evening was nicely topped off with a good, ol' fashion smash up derby where we picked the winner right off the hop! What appeared to be some sort of mid-'80's station wagon driven by Mitch Clark son ripped through his competitors and claimed his broken, tangled metal victory!

All in all, this was a super entertaining night of everything you'd expect from Feld Entertainment's Monster Jam with one pleasantly unexpected exception. The professionalism, sportsmanship, and showmanship of all the driver's really shone through in all the events and even after when it was announced that they would stay until the last autograph had been signed!

Bravo men and women of Monster Truck! I take off my mesh-back hat and salute you! Thank you for fulfilling my inner ten year old's dream of seeing stuff get crushed by trucks with huge wheels! It was AWESOME!

***Again, this was written by Grant... he is loving the reviews.***

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