Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-Natal Fitness Classes in the Beaches!

Ever since I started Beaches Fitness in my basement, I have wanted to offer pre-natal fitness classes in the Beaches.  There is not much out there being offered and the ones that are there, have not been getting great reviews from my clients.  The problem has always been that I am not set up in a proper studio with the proper equipment... but that has all changed now!  I have recently moved my studio in to a real home!  Along with my parents, my husband and I have spent the past 2 months renovating a new studio in the Kingston Road Village... right on the border of the Beaches and Upper Beaches!  I am loving the new home of Beaches Fitness and I can finally offer all the classes I have been dying to offer for years now!
I have hired a wonderful Pre-Natal Yoga instructor.  She came to me highly recommended by my clients as well as by family.  She has a son of her own and is a great addition to the Beaches Fitness family!
The classes will be offered in 6-week pre-registered packages.  The class sizes will be kept small, so you can be sure you will be getting a safe and effective workout throughout your pregnancy.
Pre-Natal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga is a class designed to encourage flexibility and relaxation, build strength and endurance, increase breath awareness and control and generally prepare the bodies and minds of moms-to-be.
Each class involves mindful meditation, deep hip opening work, and some gentle flow to keep the body limber and free from tension. The sessions are led by Lisa Veronese, a certified prenatal yoga instructor and mom, who brings a variety of techniques and methods with her to help you have a healthy and active pregnancy and prepare for labor and delivery effectively.
*No previous yoga experience is necessary; women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome. **Please bring your own yoga mat and two bath towels to assist as props.
Pre-Natal Conditioning
A pre-natal group fitness class for expectant mothers. This class is a full-body work out modified to meet the needs of women going through each stage of their pregnancy. The focus of this class is to encourage health and fitness throughout the pregnancy as well as prepare for birth and the months to follow.
If you have any questions or would like to register for the next 6-week program for either the Pre-Natal Yoga or Pre-Natal Conditioning classes, email me at