Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Schedule Has Exploded with Choices!

I am so excited to finally be able to post the new fall schedule!  So many more choices that will work with ANYONE’s schedule and so many wonderful instructors!

The first thing some of the moms out there will notice, is that I have removed the “Mom & Tot” classes… does this mean you can no longer bring your kids to classes?  NO!  All daytime classes will still remain kid-friendly, but they will ALL be open to everyone… not just moms!  This will allow for the classes to grow and progress for participants of all levels!

You will also notice a lot more 30 minute classes on the schedule.  This gives everyone the option of coming in for a quick (but still great) workout, or sticking around for 2 classes and still fitting in an hour of exercise.  This will also allow you to customize your workout… some of you want a full hour of cardio… some of you would rather do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of core… now, you all get what you want!

Ofelia and I will both be offering these split classes now and I have done my best to partner them up with complimentary classes... for example, on Monday, you can come in for a great class with Mariolga and then follow it up with a core workout for 30 minutes... giving you the best of both worlds and balancing out your workout from head to toe!  The same idea will be offered on Wednesdays after Zumba with Janice!

Lunch time classes are back on the schedule as well!  This may be the perfect solution for those of you that work in the neighbourhood or that prefer to workout mid-day!

Changes to Passes & Memberships

With these changes, there will be some changes to the passes I offer.  I will be bringing back the Power Pass; which is only valid for the 30 minute classes.  If you choose to stay for 2 classes, back to back, this will count as 2 classes on this pass as the pass will be discounted.  But, for those of you on the Unlimited Membership, you can still attend as many classes as you like all month!  The Basic Membership will also be modified back to the original package and will only be eligible for 60 minute classes (or 2 – 30 minute classes).  If you prefer to stay for the additional 30 minutes on the days that 90 minute classes are offered, you can purchase an “add-on” pass and use these credits towards the additional half an hour.  This will be further discounted for all Basic Membership members.

After School Classes for Kids & Teens

I am looking forward to getting the After School Program and Classes started again soon!  Yoga, Hip Hop, Agility Training, Strength & Conditioning and much more will be offered weekdays from 4pm-5pm.  If there is a class you are interested in for your kids, but you do not see it on the schedule, please let me know!  These are speciality classes and are only added to the schedule once there is enough interest.  I am happy to offer these classes to small groups to start, so please feel free to email and let me know you are interested!  Keep an eye on the Fit Kids Club website for more information!  www.fitkidsclub.ca