Friday, August 7, 2009

Finding Time for Mom

So, any women (ok, most women) that have had a baby, knows what it is like to battle with your body image after birth. Most of us go through the same battles... how to feel good about yourself when you are not happy with your body, you are overtired and have circles under your eyes, you are at the beck and call of your new baby (so how can you possibly take care of yourself), you question if you are doing the right things for your child and if you are a good mother... you pretty much question your entire life!

I went through the same issues after having my children. I did not want to even leave the house I was so depressed about my body and my overall appearance! I tried to workout at home when ever I could, but I never seemed to have time to complete a workout... if I even had the energy and motivation to start one! I tried to find a place that I could take my kids with me to workout, but there did not seem to be any options. The child care rooms in the big gyms were all so cold and closterphobic... even my oldest daughter would not stay in there without crying most of the time (and she would go to anyone, anywhere)!

Once I moved back to Toronto, I decided to create a personal training studio that was mom-friendly. There was a gap in the fitness world and I felt the need to fill it. I turned a basement appartment into a personal training studio (still constantly being improved, but it is a great space for now) and made the bedroom into my office and a playroom for the kids. It has worked out so well! Moms can come in with their kids and know that they are safe and happy while they work out. The kids are more than welcome to come into the studio to check on mom and tell them a quick story, but of needed, the gate can be closed and mom knows she can have some time to take care of herself... for once! I kept my playpen and baby rocking chair, along with a bin of baby toys, so even the younger infants can be amused while we whip mom into shape. I have always allowed for a flexible schedule... I mean, I am working with a lot a moms, I know life does not always go as planned with young kids around... plus, my commute to work is pretty good... down a whole flight of stairs, not so bad, so I can always change my schedule to suit my clients needs.

I love the women that I have met. We get the moms back into shape, discuss various challenges as a mother and wife (yes, we talk about you boys), give each other advice on potty training, sleep (or lack of), discipline... anything moms need to talk about. I have been able to help some wonderful women with their overall health, fitness and confidence - if only I could have found someone to do this for me! I am so happy with my decision to open a private studio! I have thought about expanding into a larger studio space, but for now I love the cozy atmosphere that only a home run studio can offer.

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